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Great work for charidee

Several of us are involved in charities / community projects of one kind or another. I’m a member of Camel Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA is about building a mutual relationship between food growers and food consumers so that the risks and responsibilities of food production are shared. There’s loads more info on this on […]

Zemanta another look

I like to prove or disprove a point and Dans comment in my original post about Zemanta has prompted me to use Zemanta in writing a proper blog post. I should have pointed out originally that Zemanta is in early stage so its no where near polished, but the idea I think is great and […]

Suggestive Blogging by Zemata

Source: WikipediaZemanta has launched it’s contextual content suggest tool for blogging platforms like WordPress (which is what we use), blogger, and Typepad. (Note the Oxford comma…I’ve been reading Morse.) It reads what you are typing and looks for relevant images from flickr and stock photograph libraries and relevant articles. It will also look at what […]

WordPress does user experience strategy for dummies

Whilst setting up the blog, I was using WordPress for the first time. It was beautifully easy. As I was reading the excellent First steps with WordPress, I was particularly impressed with the section on planning. It’s like a cut down, potted version of the work we do to establish a user experience strategy for […]

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