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Handling uploads with App Engine and webapp2

I’ve been developing a prototype with Google App Engine, webapp2 and Python for a few weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it. That said, some things have taken a bit more digging to work out.  This blog post is an attempt to explain one of those areas that I think could do with a bit […]

Debugging – down the rabbit hole (or not!)

We’ve all been there: Developer A: This feature should only have taken an hour to develop.  Next thing I knew, it was two days later and I’d still not solved this weird bug with method X. Developer B: Why didn’t you just stop using method X and start using method Y instead? Developer A is […]

Programming for fun when you're a programmer

The excellent Stack Overflow developer forum site (brough to you by amongst others) is chock full of highly technical questions such as: Why Does This Pointer-Pointer Initialization Seg Fault? Query Strings & Mod ReWrite How many constructors should a class have? But some of the questions are a little more philosophical. And here’s one that’s […]

“Why I hate Criteria”

Nicking the title from the previous post, oh and the sentiment. I don’t hate Criteria**, it is actually quite good, however watching the video in the previous post reminded me of a few issues we have had in the office where we have complained about it or just got plain confused… I know Dan, for […]

Finding propel objects

In the White October office we use a programing framework called Symfony for some of our projects. It provides us with well erm a framework to develop our web applications, it gives us a standard way of dealing with web requests, keeping our code in a standard set of folders and lots of handy tools […]

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