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Give Jasmine a try!

As part of our First Friday series of talks, I recently spoke about the Javascript-testing framework “Jasmine”. ¬†Here’s the essence of what I had to say… Jasmine? Jasmine is a “behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code”; you can find it at http://pivotal.github.io/jasmine/ This isn’t intended as a detailed Jasmine overview. Basically, I wanted to […]

CSS Float error detection

I’ve just read on Ajaxian about a jQuery snippet of code that checks a page you are working on has any CSS float errors. It highlights the elements that should have been cleared by putting an orange dotted browser around them. I’m sure this will come in handy as its one of the major issues […]

Dear Auntie,

I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before but don’t try and secure your website or content using javascript. Love, John ——- What am I rambling on about? Well last week the Beeb decided to launch their fab iPlayer service for the minority mobile platform that is the iPhone/iTouch. However as they didn’t want […]

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