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Big up :visited

From a post by our friends at Hutchhouse comes Danny Outlaw’s blog which frequently has lists of web designs (and other things) grouped into themes for design inspiration. I love his use of the CSS :visited selector to tick links in a post which have been visited. In most designs, the visited selector is suppressed […]

A website redesign gone wrong… and then put right

… in my opinion. Postcode Anywhere have been one of my favourite companies for a while now. They provide a great range of affordable web services for doing things like postal address searches and finding the latitude and longitude of a postcode. The services are good, the reliability is good, the documentation extensive and the […]

Cool wall

I’m partial to a spot of climbing and I would love to try out this wall as featured in Dezeen (spotted in the Brasher blog). But remember folks, climbing in socks (and suits) is not the best idea.