Flashblock’d 2

We’ve not used Flash image replacement in a big way yet, but I’m sure we will need to for some of the more design led sites that we will implement in the near future. I was alerted to the importance of using the right technique this morning when I visited this article about an unrelated CSS technique today.

The problem comes once again with Flashblock, the Firefox plugin I use to kill off resource hogging Flash ads in web pages. I’ve blogged about the BBC falling foul of this already. Here’s what I saw when I viewed the article:

Screenshot of a web article

All those lovely headings replaced with the big shiny Flashblock F. Here’s how it should look:

Screenshor of a web article

Again, I’m certainly not knowledgeable on Flash text replacement. But after a bit of Googling, it seems as though the sIFR technique is the way forward here. The folks behind this have worked with the Flashblock developers to ensure that for those who are blocking their flash, they see the text (albeit in a normal boring font) rather than the big F. When I look at the sIFR example page, that’s exactly what happens.

I’m not sure what technique the chap behind the David’s Kitchen blog is using, but I think it probably needs reviewing. But perhaps he’s so busy working on “web 3.0 and other deliciousness” that he doesn’t have time for Flash-shy luddites like me.

Whilst researching all this, I was pleased to discover that something that had been troubling me about Flash replacement probably shouldn’t. Does Google dislike the technique? The answer it seems is,  if it’s done right, probably not:



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