A reader writes…

The BBC has an area on their website called “Have your say” where they let anyone with access to the internet comment on the topics of the day or BBC programmes.

Every now and again some who has borrowed half a brain finds the internet and “Has their say”.

An enterprising chap has a website called spEak You’re bRanes where people can send in such comments for him to share with the world.

A few examples:

I don’t like what was shown in the BBC news, I feel not fair, want to have my say.
Ula, Rhyl

Thank God for the secular society we live in – lets keep it that way!
Lorraine, Bristol

A lot of numpties and racists can also be found on the Have Your Say website:

Anglican church is in crisis because of you not church leaders. You, and like you try to seed insecurity between people. Probably most of you are homosexsuals, and muslims.

A couple of readers of the spEak You’re bRanes have send in an script that generates spEak You’re bRanes type comments automagically!

It’s brilliant, have a go.

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