Small steps towards a co-working space in East Oxford.

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UPDATE – Go and check out this post for more info about our growing co-working space.

Some White October blog-worthiness happened yesterday. The first coworker to use our space setup his netbook on Wednesday morning and had the whole downstairs area to himself. Hope to see you back next week, Paul.

We first blogged about making our surplus office space into a coworking space a few months ago, but we recently upped the ante by putting in some desks and chairs and getting some other bits from a certain Swedish furniture emporium. We’re not approaching Philippe Starck levels of interior design just yet but we plan on gradually improving the space; the plan is to install a meeting room in the near future, and  a couple of sofas for you to hang out on too.

Eventually, we want the space (we really must think of a name for it) to be somewhere for freelancers, two-person start-ups, tele-commuters who crave human contact etc. to drop by for a day or two, do some work, and meet a varied bunch of interesting folks from a variety of fields.

We’re still interested in hearing from interested coworkers. So if you know someone, please let them know that they can register their interest with us.

Here’s some pix of what it looks like at the moment:

The photo at the top of the post is from The Library of Congress on the Flickr Commons.

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