Possible co-working space in Oxford

The genesis of a coworking space in Oxford UK

UPDATE – Go and check out this page on our main site for more info about our growing co-working space.

We moved offices this weekend and over an awesome post-move burger in Atomic Burger on Saturday we started talking about what we were going to do with all the space we’ve now got.

One option that we’re actively looking into is renting out desk space, but a few people have suggested that we provide more flexible desk space via a coworking model where freelancers and individuals can rent desk space by the day.

We’re not sure whether we’d be able to make enough to cover our rent this way, and there are also other legal and insurance considerations we need to look at, but the idea of a creative space for designers, geeks and anyone else to drop into really appeals to us.

The plan…

We’re going to look at the technicalities of this over the next 2 weeks, but hopefully we’ll be able to run a trial during March to see if it’s going to be sustainable.  If it’s a success, then we can keep it going.

Sign-up and register your interest please!

One big question we have is how much demand there is for desks, so it would help us if you could register your interest in desk space now.   Then of course we’ll let you know how our plan progresses and when the desks become available.

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  1. Posted 17 March 2010 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    Hi Guys,

    Sounds interesting, let me know if this offer is still on & I may well take you up on it. I also need to speak to you about a possible web project for a long running client


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