Simple shorten url using and php

Inspired by the simple tweet to twitter function by Fabian Potencier I have built a stupidly simple url shorter for Something you are probably going to want to do if you are sending tweets via PHP.

function shorten($url, $login, $apikey)
  $api_url = "
  $ret = file_get_contents($api_url);
  $data = json_decode($ret);
  if($data instanceof stdClass && property_exists($data, "errorCode") && $data->errorCode==0)
    foreach($data->results as $result)
        return $result->shortUrl;
  return $url;

In the application where I am using this function I have defined the login name and api key as constants, so you can do away with 2 function calls.

Also handily it returns the original url if fails.

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