Movember day 20

So we’re past half way, the end is in sight and the mo bros are looking pretty bad-ass.


There’s been some discussion over the gap in the middle of some of our mos. Most notably mine. Apparently it’s a known style but I think it’s just rubbish. Maybe I should refer to what is surely the best mustache reference found so far: The Complete Ukulele Guide to the Moustaches of the World.

We’re getting more comfortable out and about now, striding forth with our mos thust proudly aloft. Dave even took his to a multi-Michelin starred restaurant where, as it turned out, it was right at home.

And some mo themed merchandise arrived at White October Towers this week. The favourite has to be the “White Movember Flocked ‘Mo’ Shirt” (that’s a mighty long URL) with its beautiful textured velvety mos. Mmm.

So, with only 10 days to go until “the big mo”, now is the perfect time to sponsor us if you haven’t already:

And don’t forget to join in with the Movember, Mo Madness playlist fun. It’s the craze that’s quite literally not sweeping the nation.

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