The Movember playlist

Yes, we’re behind with the Movember updates. The halfway stage has come and gone so I think you’ll have to wait until tomorrow (day 20) for the latest mo-bro pics.

But to keep you in the mo mood, why not start Spotify up and join in with the Movember playlist madness?

The idea is simple – find some tunes that either have “oh”, “no” or “know” in them. They should be catchy singalong numbers (for reasons which will become clear). Add the tunes to the playlist. Now, as you’re playing the awesome movember playlist, you should sing along but replace “oh”, “no” or “know” with “mo”. That’s it.

Here’s the linky: spotify:user:bouncingdan:playlist:5S4xtGeYYGRK1UKXo3wWM3

Join in and enjoy. Obviously I reserve the right to autocratically throw non-catchy or off-message songs off the playlist. Or shut the whole thing down if it descends into farce / abuse.

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