Five days of White October – By Sharelle Moore

Sharelle Moore

Sharelle Moore, Birmingham City University, Visual Communication Graduate


I fell in love with UI design when I was nineteen, when I had to design a website for a fictional sustainability brand. At the time, it was extremely difficult considering that I was only a few months into a college course in Graphic Design and had never designed a website. Surprisingly, I enjoyed designing multiple pages for the brand and became fascinated with everything UI! From then, my interest only grew and I started finding every opportunity to design a website or app for a brand as part of my College and University projects. I had only recently completed University when I gained an interview with White October to spend five days there on a placement, which I was very pleased to have secured!

Receiving this placement lead to me learning what it is like to work in an agency, which was what I wanted, as it was something I always aimed to do after completing University. I am now proud to say that I now have a larger amount of knowledge on what it is like to work with clients and how client-designer interactions work, as well as of design programs. Before being at White October, I had never used Sketch, always relying on Photoshop as a design tool for websites and apps. As complicated as it looked at first, I now feel that the program is quite easy to navigate, after a few hours of designing the first few pages of the project I was given.

Here is the project that I worked on over the past few days:

Card sorting

Wire frames

Home page for “The Ice Box”

News page for “The Ice Box”

About page for “The Ice Box”

Now, being completely honest, it is difficult to find a word to sum up my experience at White October, mainly because it is impossible to find a word that I feel accurately describes how I feel about one of the best opportunities I have been granted. I gained so much from this experience and felt extremely welcome, especially since there was such a positive atmosphere. I am so grateful to White October for giving me this opportunity and for allowing me to experience what working in an agency is like!

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