‘Let’s Talk FGM’ app wins London Design Award

The following is a shortened press release, 24 Nov 2016.


An app designed to make it easier for health professionals to talk about female genital mutilation (FGM) with their clients has been voted Best in the Digital Health category in the London Design Awards, a global award series that celebrates excellence in design.

‘Let’s Talk FGM’ is designed to prevent FGM and help survivors by facilitating discussion with health professionals about the practice.  It is the brainchild of Joanne McEwan, a public health nurse at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, who had the idea for the app after coming across many survivors of FGM in her work.

“FGM is a difficult subject to discuss,” she says. “I wanted to produce something that could help health professionals enquire sensitively about this issue and be equipped to talk constructively with families and survivors from many different backgrounds and cultures.”

Frances Place of White October, who led the project, says:  “The most important factor was presenting content in a simple, easily digestible way, to give health professionals what they need to start the conversation about FGM. Everyone involved is proud to be part of this project, and winning such a major award is a huge vote confidence from the Design community.”

FGM - image 2

The design aim for ‘Let’s Talk FGM’ was to produce an online mobile resource that gives health professionals well-presented information to talk about FGM in the context of different cultures and languages.  It needed to be visually engaging, whilst being culturally sensitive, designed with BME users as the key focus, not an afterthought.

As well as White October, Joanne worked with campaign group Oxford Against Cutting, and staff from, Oxford Health and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trusts to produce content for the app.

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– Press release London Design Awards 2016.
– Download Let’s talk FGM from the Apple App Store here.
 – Watch Joanne present Let’s Talk FGM with Frances Place, Account Director at White October.

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