FGM – an app to get people talking

Let’s Talk FGM is an app we’ve built in partnership with Joanne McEwan, Health Visitor at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and awardee of a Mary Seacole Leadership Award. We’ve been working closely with Joanne to design and build an iPad app for health professionals to use when talking about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) with their clients.

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The app incorporates four films and soundbites of key information in five languages about the impact of FGM, why it happens, the law and how to protect children, as well as providing local support for survivors.

The health professional uses the app in their session to help them to sensitively enquire about FGM, identify girls at risk of FGM and direct FGM survivors towards care and support. It’s currently being trialled with 400 health professionals in the Oxfordshire region.

Watch Joanne present Let’s Talk FGM with Frances Place, Account Director at White October.

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