BBC Oxford reports on FGM app

Top news story on BBC Radio Oxford Drivetime yesterday was Oxford health visitor Joanne McEwan winning an award to build an app to help communicate with survivors of female genital mutilation.

Joanne won the Mary Seacole Award, which is given to nurses, health visitors and midwives helping the black and minority communities.

Joanne is working with White October to build the app.

“Health visitors in Oxford already use iPads,” says Joanne.  “The idea is to develop an app that contains all the information we need to keep up to date and have a discussion with clients.”

We’re currently developing the FGM app and will be working with Joanne to trial it later this year.

BBC Oxford had reported the day before that women receiving treatment for FGM had increased by 40% in the past year.

National estimates are that FGM affects approximately 137,000 girls and women in the UK, although actual numbers are unconfirmed.

For more information on the issue visit

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