White October app enables cloud connectivity among Delta-T data loggers

The following is a shortened press release.  The full release link is below.

White October has developed a web application for Delta-T Devices’ new DeltaLINK-Cloud facility which enables users to easily visualise, interpret and share data from data loggers installed in a range of research and environmental monitoring projects.

The web application takes large volumes of complex data collected by Delta-T loggers and presents it in a simple, easy interface which gives interactive charts, builds reports and enables sharing.  Working closely with Delta-T, White October developed the application using Angular and Node.js on Amazon’s cloud platform.

deltat-charts-mobile copy

The system also uses Elasticsearch to store the significant quantities of time series data produced by the sensors, enabling it to be quickly interrogated to produce reports and graphs.  Elasticsearch is able to handle large datasets and contains integrated tools such as resampling.  Data is visualised using Highcharts interactive charts, allowing users to easily zoom into or out of the data by selectively clicking and dragging across the chart information.

The application is multilingual ready and is currently translated into five languages, enabling the platform to cater for Delta-T’s worldwide audience.

Chris Jones of White October says:  “This is exactly the type of challenge we love as it tested us from both technical and user interface design perspectives. By taking large amounts of complex, time-series data, originating from different sources, and presenting it in a simple way, we believe the new digital platform complements Delta-T’s award winning hardware.  We are proud to have built such an effective solution in partnership with Delta-T.”


Delta-T Press Release FINAL

DeltaLINK-Cloud can be accessed at www.deltalink-cloud.com. Visitors can explore the features of the site, and instantly experiment with live demo data to quickly understand the benefits that the service offers.

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