Oxford’s White October builds online sports platform supported by Dame Kelly Holmes

The following is a shortened press release.

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White October is the development partner for Ultimate Player, a new online programme that inspires children to learn more sporting skills and get involved in sports.  Speaking at the launch event at Lord’s Cricket Ground last week, Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes said:

“It is crucial we give children the support and structure, from an early age, to try their best to succeed in sport.  This is how we will find tomorrow’s superstars and how every child can enjoy developing their skills to be the best they can be.” 



Ultimate Player is built around sports coaches.  At the end of each class they score the children based on their performance in six skill sets that make up each sport.  Fast and easy to use, a coach can score a team of 30 children in half a minute, and the scores are instantly updated and available to the whole class.

Children are registered for Ultimate Player by their parents, who receive automatic notifications of their child’s achievements and can then reward them with merchandise and virtual products such as unlockable features and rewards. The children can check their scores and awards and get creative by personalising their Ultimate Player identities.  

Ultimate Player is the result of over three years’ research and development in UK school sports with the first large-scale trial taking place over eight weeks in 2015 at summer camps in 15 locations.  During this time the programme has been proven to increase retention, as children attended on average 15 more sessions per year, equivalent to a whole extra term of coaching.  The platform was developed using 100 coaches from Elms Sport in Schools and the 25,000 children they coach weekly as a test bed.


Ultimate Player has been created by Ultimate Sports Group plc.  It is the brainchild of James Vaughan, an elite sports coach with over 20 years’ experience.  White October has built the Ultimate Player platform as development partner, led by its MD and Ultimate Player Director, Dave Fletcher.


For more information about Ultimate Player and the team behind it, visit www.ultimateplayer.me.

Read the full press release Press Release Ultimate Player 2 FINAL.

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