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Childbirth Emergencies delivers handy training and revision resource for maternity care practitioners

We’ve recently announced the launch and availability of the Childbirth Emergencies app.

Childbirth Emergencies is the brainchild of experienced NHS midwife trainer Hannah Hulme Hunter.  In her work with midwives and doctors, she recognised the need for a resource which gives the most essential guidelines about handling emergencies all in one place, accessible from a smartphone.  Hannah partnered with White October to build Childbirth Emergencies, and received funding for the project from NHS Thames Valley Health Education Midwifery Innovation Fund.

Childbirth Emergencies is a mobile resource for midwives, student midwives, doctors, and other practitioners who may care for pregnant women in an emergency.  Free to download and easy to use on any iPhone running iOS8, Childbirth Emergencies gives clear, concise guidelines on the most likely emergency scenarios a mother might face during pregnancy and delivery.  She confirms,

“We made Childbirth Emergencies deliberately simple, presenting only the most relevant information in a very clean, intuitive interface.  We put a lot of effort into making it fast, responsive and fully functional offline.”

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Press Release Childbirth Emergencies.

Childbirth Emergencies is available from Apple App Store.

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Childbirth Emergencies 2

Childbirth Emergencies focuses on seven emergency events likely to occur in pregnancy and delivery.



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