Hitachi’s new site sends strong signals

How does a world-leading rail manufacturer like Hitachi Rail Europe help people keep track of its organisation?


From government officials to railway enthusiasts, potential employees to industry commentators, Hitachi Rail Europe speaks to an incredibly wide audience.

For anyone who wants to know more about, travel with, talk to or work with Hitachi Rail in Europe the place to start, always, is its website.

Hitachi Rail Europe came to us asking for a site that would work harder.  It needed to get people where they wanted to go more quickly and efficiently.  It had to be quick to respond, easy to navigate and very well sign-posted.

The result is a website which reflects Hitachi Rail Europe as an organisation.  Trains and rail systems from this world class innovator are in use all over the world, and it even provides the support behind Japan’s awesome ‘Bullet Train’.  Hitachi Rail Europe has also provided the UK’s first ever domestic high-speed passenger train, the Hitachi Class 395.

With the recent arrival of the first super express train from Japan to Southampton comes the arrival of the new Hitachi Rail Europe website.

For further information visit Hitachi Rail Europe and contact us anytime if you’d like us to make your website work harder.


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