MedicineAfrica connects medical community to transform global health services

Following is a shortened press release.

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November 2014 – is an online platform giving healthcare workers in resource poor settings access to the global health workforce, for education and support. It combines social networking space with online teaching functions for use in low bandwidth areas, so that medical communities worldwide can benefit from expert knowledge that could help transform lives and improve medical provision.

MedicineAfrica is now expanding. A new platform, developed by digital agency White October, has been built with ease of use and scalability in mind. Currently used by health partnerships between the UK with Palestine, it has also attracted attention for supporting links with the UK, Iraq and Syria. The aim is to grow and develop the network organically to respond closely to diverse user needs.

medicineafrica screenshot from the new medicineafrica online platform

Screenshot from the new MedicineAfrica online platform

Director and co-founder of MedicineAfrica, Dr Alexander Finlayson, an Academic Clinical Fellow in Primary Care and a Doll Fellow at Oxford University, says:

“The provision of quality healthcare is one of the world’s most pressing challenges and the internet delivers endless possibilities to bring about positive change in resource poor settings. We hope that by connecting individuals, for sharing and dispersing knowledge and research, we can help to bring about a change in health care systems from within.”’

MedicineAfrica grew from collaboration between doctors in the UK and Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia, whose health care system was crumbling after decades of civil war. It has since been used to deliver courses and mentoring for doctors, pharmacists and nurses, as well as building leadership in this fragile health system.

The MedicineAfrica platform is for medical practitioners and requires registration to view the whole site.  Journalists who would like a demonstration please email Lucy Kynge:

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