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Whether Scotland voted ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ predicting the next financial crisis and finding global talent were a few of the topics on the agenda at this year’s Global Horizons, an international conference presented by Oxford Analytica.

This global event, attended by leaders and experts from all over the world, also saw the unveiling of the transformed daily bulletin service, the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief®.

Each business day, Oxford Analytica Daily Brief® delivers to the desks of global leaders reports and analysis on world events.  Based on the White House briefings delivered to the US president each morning, this daily bulletin is highly valued for delivering succinct content that informs decision making in areas affected by world events.

The Oxford Analytica team commissioned us to transform Daily Brief.  They wanted to use today’s technology to make it deliver even greater value to subscribers.

Among many improvements, we have made it easier and faster for subscribers to access analysis.  It is rapid and responsive on all desktops and mobile devices, and works for the user with a simple, responsive interface.

The new Daily Brief

The new Daily Brief

It also delivers:

  • Convenient access to Oxford Analytica Daily Brief analysis, split by region, theme and sector.

  • At-a-glance summary for over 50 countries, updated daily, with new tools and resources.

  • Political risk metrics for 100 countries, updated quarterly.

  • Cross-regional themes, regularly updated.

  • Clearer, simpler, faster, more usable website and emails, dedicated to serving clients.

  • Responsive design, providing excellent experience on smartphones and tablets.

We’re incredibly proud that, from the end of 2014, our work will play a role in how global leaders respond to world events.

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