“Wearable tech is top choice for most promising innovation”, say developers at this year’s jQuery UK

The majority of developers attending jQuery UK are spending more time on projects for mobile this year, and opt for wearable tech such as Apple Watch and Google Glass as top choice for most promising innovation.

Developers attending this year’s jQuery UK conference in Oxford were asked what they thought was the most promising technology for 2014:

Frontend framework Angular.js and backend framework Node.js were the two most popular JavaScript technologies cited.


When asked about the content of their working day, over half said that they are working more on projects for mobile than they were a year ago.


243 developers responded to the survey.  The large majority are full time developers or work in the developer sector:


Respondents spend 66.28% of their working time on websites targeted at desktop users, and 33.72% on projects for mobile.


72% said they are spending more time on mobile projects this year than last:


And here are their responses in full to ‘What is the most promising innovation:


jQuery UK 2014 took place in Oxford on May 16. Over 650 web developers gathered to hear the best and brightest web experts and designers from around the world.

Visitors were treated to a keynote from New York-based designer and host of The Web Ahead podcast Jen Simmons entitled ‘A Love Letter to HTML.’ Speakers included CSS expert Lea Verou; Yehuda Katz, member of the Ember.js, Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Teams.

Tickets for jQuery UK 2015 are on sale now.

For further information, please contact Ruth Yarnit, White October Events.
Email ruth@whiteoctoberevents.co.uk.
Visit jQueryUK.com.
Past talks are on Vimeo https://vimeo.com/channels/jquk.

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