White October develops ACE Consensus forecast platform

Following is the complete press release.

Ace consensus

Fintech company ACE Consensus (ACE) has commissioned digital firm White October to develop and enhance its analyst forecast consensus platform.  The platform brings new levels of information granularity and accuracy to consensus estimates of financial analysts’ forecasts. This enables companies, analysts, investors and others to obtain high quality insight into current market expectations for listed companies, using data which is based on ‘like for like’ comparisons.

ACE addresses the needs of a variety of customers, who would benefit from clear, consistent and comprehensive forecasts of listed company performance.  The cloud-based platform is expressly designed with the working environments of analysts in mind and has high-end capabilities for gathering and processing data, adding value when the consensus reports are delivered to the customer.

ACE managing director Alex Money says:  “Dave Fletcher and I got on well from the outset, and discussions with his team about what we’re setting out to achieve have been stimulating.  We need a technology partner with a complementary approach to ours, and we think that’s what we have in White October.”

Dave Fletcher, managing director of White October, adds:  “This is a great opportunity to take an existing prototype that has proven the ACE value proposition, create a new platform that is ready to scale, and refine a frictionless experience for all of its users. The ACE Consensus business model is multi-faceted and exciting, and we are very proud to be helping them make it a reality.”

ACE was founded by Alex Money, a former fund manager. Incorporated in March 2013, the company is supported by the Said Business School Seed Fund in Oxford, the VC-backed Jenson Seed EIS Fund, and various angel investors. White October is working with ACE on the design and build of a new platform, scheduled for roll out this summer.

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