BBC Oxford learns about the CABI Plantwise app for farmers

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Want to know how mobile devices can help farmers in remote locations? Listen to this fascinating chat on BBC Oxford between presenter Kat Orman, our own Chris Jones and Holly Wright from global agriculture organisation CABI.

They talk about the Plantwise app we have built for CABI which is helping to improve world food security and the livelihoods of farmers in developing countries.

Farmers in rural areas who often lack the resources and knowledge on pests are often faced with devastating yield losses. CABI runs a programme of Plant Clinics, whereby farmers can ask Plant Doctors about their plant troubles. The Plantwise app gives the Plant Doctors everything they need to diagnose and make recommendations with easy, instant access offline, enabling them to consult scientific facts, images and best practices.

A pilot programme for the Plantwise app on low cost Lenovo A3000 tablets is now underway in Kenya.

Listen to BBC Oxford Afternoon Programme

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