Global Entrepreneurship Week High Impact for The Product Owner

As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week Mariana Morris organised the latest Product Owner Speaker Series to coincide, drawing out the value of business co-operation.

Global Entrepreneurship Week identified and endorsed events that provide role models, offer practical support, develop enterprise capabilities and evaluate success. And The Product Owner does just that! GEW awarded us a High Impact badge for the event.

The Speaker Series is for innovative entrepreneurs, founders and business owners.
Speakers come and talk openly about the journey that they went on to create their product, including the messy details, triumphs, wrong turns, successful strategies, cock-ups and their future plans. Talks are to a carefully selected audience to encourage an informal and relaxed atmosphere where people feel able to talk honestly about their experiences.

Another successful event, with Tom Elgar from Passle presenting on the evening.

For more on GEW.
For more on The Product Owner.



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