Narrative … Text … What next?: Transmedia publishing in a Brave New World

Transmedia is vast.  What now, what next…. !?*  Here’s the perfect forum to ask those questions and get a few answers.

We’re sponsoring the November Oxford Publishing Society event and considering some key questions for the publishing world, including:

  • What makes the reader ‘turn the page’ in an eBook?
  • Why are enhanced eBooks quite different from book apps?
  • What makes the games player go on to the next level?

It’s colourful stuff with strong speakers including Jen Porter, CEO and founder of BeyondTheStory®. Dave will also be up on stage showing the the incredible things you can do with technology today and providing a view of the award-winning Lambeth Library Challenge eBook app.

Oxford Brookes University is the venue, in the Main Lecture Theatre, 20 November, 1830 to 2100.  Register and for more information.


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