Press release: White October builds interactive Certificates for Open Data Institute

ODI Open Data Certificate

Jun 17, 2013 – Oxford firm White October has developed the interactive online facility for Open Data Certificates, an initiative from The Open Data Institute to help data owners and users understand and meet the requirements for open data publishing.

Open Data Certificates, which comprise a self assessment questionnaire, electronic Certificate and advice to data holders, were launched this month at the G8 Summit as part of the UK Government’s agenda for global transparency. View Open Data Certificates here

White October is known for its ability to create simple user experiences from complex websites and the firm worked with Adrian Philpott Design, who created the branding, and writer Chris Kenworthy to create Open Data Certificates.

Dave Fletcher, White October Managing Director, explains.  “The objective was to make Open Data Certificates simple for data holders to fill in the questionnaire and to gather sufficient data for The ODI to make an assessment on their data publishing.  First we produced an initial design which was driven by stringent user experience testing. This gave us a lot of information to feed into the structure and the various levels the user will go through to complete the form. We then refined the questionnaire several times over to make sure it flowed really smoothly and captured the information the ODI needs to make an assessment.  Adding the user dashboard and embedded ODI Certificates fell into place once we had the questionnaire perfected.”

Open Data Certificates is fully live and available to all online data publishers. These can be any type of organisation which shares data, from government departments, to private enterprises and not-for-profit organisations.  [shortened]

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