How not to win friends and influence people.

On our home page you’ll see that ‘We are hiring’ and that ‘we are looking for a Development Team Leader… ‘  the operative word in both these sentences is ‘we’, as in, ‘not recruitment agencies, consultancies and whatever other guise these unscrupulous money blagging phone pests go by.

It’s plausible this statement doesn’t apply to all recruitment companies but it is more than applicable to most of our daily, sometimes hourly, callers .  So many are the attempts to get put through to the ‘hirer’ in our case ‘Dave’ that we have to develop new tactics to intercept them to avoid being duped into divulging an email address or worse actually putting them through to Dave.

The point is, if we were ever to use a recruitment consultant, we wouldn’t use the one who rings up and pretends to be a job applicant, or the one who disguises their companies name by just giving us an obscure acronym.  We’d use the honest one who says ‘I’m a recruitment consultant’ and of course the one who doesn’t charge loads of money.  If that’s not you then don’t bother calling.  If it is you, then still don’t bother calling, like I said ‘We’ are hiring a Development Team Leader, not you.

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