Rising stars at jQuery UK 2013

At jQuery UK this year we are lucky to have access to an extra room and we’ve been wondering what to do with it.

Last week we had the idea of putting on a smaller second track for up and coming speakers. People who have done brief talks internally to a handful of people, local meetups and geek nights.

We are looking for talks on CSS, JavaScript, HTML5. They do not have to have a jQuery slant, your audience are frontend developers who are interested in all the frontend technologies.

We are doing a very quick call for papers, talks must be submitted by Sunday the 31st of March. I’ll be reviewing the talks on the 1st of April (no and this isn’t an April fool!)

The room is about a 100 capacity room, and the talks are 15 minutes each. They will be running over lunch and between lunch and the afternoon break. We’ll advertise these to the delegates on the day and on the website in the lead up to the conference.

Selected speakers will have free access to the conference & after party.

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