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Over the last few months, we’ve had Alistair working at White October. He’s part of a scheme with NITP and has spent most of his time here working with me on front-end development. Alistair has proven himself to be an enthusiastic, quick learner and talented individual. We catch up with him as he reflects on his time here so far at White October.

What have you enjoyed?

“There have been many things that I have enjoyed during my time at White October; although three main aspects have been:

  • Getting involved with hands-on, practical work, that requires thought and problem solving.
  • Meeting new people and seeing how everyone can excel both as individuals and in teams.
  • Understanding the overall environment; how the business operates as a whole.”

Any surprising outcomes?

“One major surprising outcome that I seem to find, time and time again through coding, is the aggravation of not being able to solve a problem for a while and finally gaining the joy and relief when successfully doing so.”

Any favourite piece of work?

“I very much enjoyed having the task of modifying e-mail newsletters into a responsive format, so that they would display nicely on mobile (and other low-resolution display) devices. I kept to a specification that outlined particular requirements and suggested what design changes I could make.”

Have you enjoyed learning from others here? What have you learnt?

“I have most definitely enjoyed learning from White October members. I have learnt a great deal from everyone as a whole, and from each person, who has their own area of expertise. It’s both useful and inspiring to learn a variety of different skills and technicalities from each individual.”

What are the learning outcomes you’ve taken from your experience here so far?

“From my experience at White October, so far, I have taken away several learning outcomes:

  • I realise how knowledge, skill, focus and dedication all come together to form a ‘developer’ and how much of each I need to expand and improve on, in order to get to the same level as everyone else here. It’s something that will take time to improve on.
  • As a front-end web developer, my aims are to become as knowledgeable and proficient as possible in all the skills within the role.
  • It’s important to gain an in-depth understanding of how a business operates as a whole; this includes the recognition of time constraints and the level of detail involved in each task, so that I do not become secluded in a ‘developer’s world’.”

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  1. Posted 17 March 2013 at 1:33 am | Permalink

    thanks for your sharing of thoughts

    however i wonder if more could be said on ‘secluding in the developer’s world’ it sounds like passion is not important.

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