All Your Base 2012: a DB conference for web devs


The success of jQuery UK 2012 in February inspired us to organise our next conference; All Your Base, on Friday 23rd November in the Saïd Business School in Oxford.

We’re inviting over 300 developers for a day of exploring a selection of the new database technologies that have become available.

Deciding on the best way to store data for a web project can prove difficult, considering the recent explosion of database technologies.

Whereas in the past, we might have stuck to relational databases, the growth of noSQL and graph databases has opened the door to a whole new range of options for web developers.

To help developers make the right choice for their projects, Our Technical Director, John Wards, has arranged a speaker line-up that includes Monty Widenius, Founder of MySQL, and Lisa Phillips, Senior MySQL DBA for Twitter.

“With the split in the MySQL community, the new features of Postgres and the rise of NoSQL, the database world has become an exciting space. Throw in Browser based datastores, and you have a recipe for a great conference!”

“We’ve hand picked the speakers to try and provide voices that are not often heard in the UK, and add in new tech like OrientDB and PouchDB. Therefore, the content of these talks should mean that every developer goes away wanting to try out something new or change the way they develop.”

At White October we pride ourselves on experimenting with the latest web technologies, and sharing our enthusiasm with others has become part of what we do.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from jQuery 2012, we’re certain All Your Base will create yet another huge buzz amongst web developers, as well as helping to cement Oxford on the tech map of the UK.

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