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Getting into Behat with Symfony2

I’ve spent the past week starting a new sprint on our latest large project, and as we’re keen to get our clients as involved as possible during sprints, we decided to get down with some Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) which allows them to contribute to writing the actual acceptance criteria for the user stories. We’re pretty […]

How to test UTF-8 email subject lines in Symfony

One of our clients needs to send emails with UTF-8 subject lines. Swift Mailer, which Symfony uses, makes this easy to do, but writing functional tests for it is another story.

Hudson and Symfony continuous integration

We’ve been experimenting this week with using Hudson as our continuous integration server for our latest Symfony project.  Previous experiences with CruiseControl via phpUnderControl and the symfonyUnderControl plugin were OK-ish but we’d occasionally experience CruiseControl dying on us with no warning apart from the lack of emails after checking our code in. So we decided […]

Agility, Speed & Test Driven Development

I’ve just been through the updates from the groups I’m connected with on LinkedIn, and I read an interesting quote about Agility and speed. If you focus on Quality, through effective refactoring and test coverage, speed will be maintained in the long term. When the code base gets quite large, speed of change can be […]

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