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Testers: an essential part of any agile team

I am an agile software tester at White October, I consider myself lucky to be working with multiple cross-functional teams. My interaction with developers starts right at the start of a project. We learn about the project and the stakeholders at the same time. I’m actively involved in sprint planning and refinement sessions, contributing to […]

Two more neat things about automated tests

You’re probably already aware of some of the reasons Test-Driven and Behaviour-Driven Development (“TDD” and “BDD”) are Good Things:  You can refactor safely, you know when you’ve finished a feature (because all your tests pass), you can add new features without breaking existing functionality, it’s easier to allow others to contribute to your projects and […]

myPace health app shortlisted for Thames Valley Technology Award

We’re thrilled that an application we developed to help combat obesity has reached the finals of The Technology Award at the 2013 Thames Valley Business Awards. myPace is a multi-platform app which enables health professionals to work together with their patients to set goals and build confidence by keeping in close contact between the patient’s […]

Give Jasmine a try!

As part of our First Friday series of talks, I recently spoke about the Javascript-testing framework “Jasmine”.  Here’s the essence of what I had to say… Jasmine? Jasmine is a “behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code”; you can find it at This isn’t intended as a detailed Jasmine overview. Basically, I wanted to […]

Behat TableNodes – the missing manual

We’ve been using Behat for Behaviour-Driven Development for some time now, and it’s been a fantastic tool.  If you don’t know it, it uses Gherkin to allow you to create tests that describe user behaviour in (almost) natural language. If you have come across Behat before, you probably know that one particularly useful feature is […]

Symfony2 data collectors

I spent some time last week working on automated MailChimp integration with one of our Symfony2 sites. The project uses Behat and Mink extensively for BDD testing, so I wanted to be able to test that when users registered on our site, they were automatically added to the client’s MailChimp distribution list. Unsubscription could happen […]

Functional testing sending emails in Silex

We are slowly starting to fall in love with Silex the Micro Framework built using Symfony2 here at White October towers. Here is a quick code sample which shows how to test emails that are sent using Silex and Swiftmailer. I would recommend using this example app to get Silex and Swiftmailer setup if you […]

Getting into Behat with Symfony2

I’ve spent the past week starting a new sprint on our latest large project, and as we’re keen to get our clients as involved as possible during sprints, we decided to get down with some Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) which allows them to contribute to writing the actual acceptance criteria for the user stories. We’re pretty […]

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