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Connecting to Google’s Natural Language API with Python on App Engine.

Connecting to Google’s Natural Language API with Python on App Engine. Introduction As part of our recent White October Hack Day, I did something very basic using Google’s Natural Language API to extract a list of nouns from a sentence. The detail of what I used it for isn’t important here.  What is important is […]

Handling uploads with App Engine and webapp2

I’ve been developing a prototype with Google App Engine, webapp2 and Python for a few weeks now, and I’m really enjoying it. That said, some things have taken a bit more digging to work out.  This blog post is an attempt to explain one of those areas that I think could do with a bit […]

A Symfony Developer’s tips, tricks and hacks: How we get the most out of our tools

A lot of the tools I use on a day-to-day basis as a Symfony developer at White October are well-known and widely-used by others.  What other people may not know, however, are the tips, tricks and hacks that I and my team use to get the most out of them. This article explores a few […]

Oxford attracts UK’s largest front­-end web conference

The following is a shortened press release. March 2014 – This May many of the web’s finest developers will gather in Oxford for the third jQuery UK, to discuss and share ideas around the world’s most popular JavaScript framework. Now in its third year, jQuery UK is the UK’s largest front­-end developer conference.  It is the […]

Symfony2 cache warmup explained

Cache-warming in Symfony2 is a funny one.  Unlike most of the Symfony components, it doesn’t seem to have very much documentation, and what does exist is slightly hidden away in a list of possible Dependency Injection tags. But it’s probably something that everyone who uses Symfony has seen in action.  After all, the cache:clear console […]

Digital Oxford Special during Digital Oxford Week

White October founder, Dave Fletcher, chats to Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford. This month he talks Digital Oxford and the value of the digital movement in our local community and beyond. The show includes footage from the Oxford Geek Night that took place at the Jericho Tavern on Wednesday night and phone in’s from […]

Give Jasmine a try!

As part of our First Friday series of talks, I recently spoke about the Javascript-testing framework “Jasmine”.  Here’s the essence of what I had to say… Jasmine? Jasmine is a “behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code”; you can find it at This isn’t intended as a detailed Jasmine overview. Basically, I wanted to […]

Having a Hack!

On a fairly regular basis we run internal events with the objective of sharing ideas, driving interest and technical excitement and having a bit of fun as a team.  We also come up with new business and technology ideas that help us and our customers move forward in interesting and unique ways. Here is […]

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