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Give Jasmine a try!

As part of our First Friday series of talks, I recently spoke about the Javascript-testing framework “Jasmine”.  Here’s the essence of what I had to say… Jasmine? Jasmine is a “behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code”; you can find it at This isn’t intended as a detailed Jasmine overview. Basically, I wanted to […]

Having a Hack!

On a fairly regular basis we run internal events with the objective of sharing ideas, driving interest and technical excitement and having a bit of fun as a team.  We also come up with new business and technology ideas that help us and our customers move forward in interesting and unique ways. Here is […]

Keeping track of Dom manipulation

When building websites using PHP/Ruby/Python, especially when using an ORM, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on how many database queries a page load produces. Tools exist in frameworks like Symfony and Django that have a visual count when in development mode to help the developer keep a handle on them. […]

All Your Base 2012: a DB conference for web devs

  The success of jQuery UK 2012 in February inspired us to organise our next conference; All Your Base, on Friday 23rd November in the Saïd Business School in Oxford. We’re inviting over 300 developers for a day of exploring a selection of the new database technologies that have become available. Deciding on the best […]

Gourmet Burger Kitchen loyalty app on iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry

The challenge Gourmet Burger Kitchen is all about the burger and they are spreading their love of food around the UK in over 50 locations from Brighton to Edinburgh. They have a simple rule: “always serve the best burgers and have fun”. So when we got the opportunity to work with them and build their customer loyalty app, […]

Sending emails in Silex via Swiftmailer spool

In Symfony2 it is relatively simple to send emails via a spool file, however in Silex we don’t have a console. So we’ll have to make one and it’s very simple. First you need to have the Symfony2 Console component setup in your Silex project. The following console file is based on the example in […]

Functional testing sending emails in Silex

We are slowly starting to fall in love with Silex the Micro Framework built using Symfony2 here at White October towers. Here is a quick code sample which shows how to test emails that are sent using Silex and Swiftmailer. I would recommend using this example app to get Silex and Swiftmailer setup if you […]

A stack of twits

Here at White October towers we pride ourselves on not knowing everything. This is what the internet was made for. So when we are stumped on a problem we hit the Google. These days however our first point of call for any technical programming problems is Stack Overflow. A quick search of that site usually […]

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