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When your hack day idea gets out of control

The following is a shortened article from Medium, written by Anna Peniašková. People at White October love doing hack days. It is a great way to push your limits and have fun making silly things. We held another hack day in January 2017.  Read more about what we have done during our previous hack days here. […]

New community site helps Opus Energy give people power

The team at Opus Energy do a lot more than keep the lights on for their customers. They have an endless supply of ‘people power’ when it comes to giving back to the community. As if being one of the UK’s leading business energy suppliers wasn’t enough, employees and the firm’s sponsored athletes are always […]

Having a Hack!

On a fairly regular basis we run internal events with the objective of sharing ideas, driving interest and technical excitement and having a bit of fun as a team.  We also come up with new business and technology ideas that help us and our customers move forward in interesting and unique ways. Here is […]

Movember day 20

So we’re past half way, the end is in sight and the mo bros are looking pretty bad-ass. There’s been some discussion over the gap in the middle of some of our mos. Most notably mine. Apparently it’s a known style but I think it’s just rubbish. Maybe I should refer to what is surely […]

Rough Justice : The penalty for leaving your desk fan on overnight…

Poor old Matt has been struggling to remember to turn off his desk fan at the end of each day, so Mary decided to take it (the fan) into her own hands, and mete out her own particularly sneaky form of justice. buy generic xenical She may try to tell you that this was an […]

It’s not Its

One for a few of us in this office (ahem John ahem), a website dedicated to putting you straight on “its” or “it’s” : Credit :

Hello, nice to meet you, I’m new to Wadebridge

Dan steps out to meet the neighbours having decided on psuedo night vision goggles over a million candle torch to find his way there. is in Beta. No guarantees, no promises.

We use Open Calais in some projects where we parse the text of a web page to get some semantic information about it. They have a new service called Semantic Proxy, where you can pass just a url of a web page and it will look for the text for you. Great! However it is […]

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