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Why nuclear power is not a sustainable source of low carbon energy

An interesting article by John Busby from a newsgroup I subscribe to : csrblokes arguing that nuclear fails as a sustainable energy source on 2 counts: To meet global energy demands today (let alone in the coming decades) we would need 20,000 new nuclear power stations, and there simply isn’t enough Uranium around to supply […]

Eco packaging

I needed some wood finishing products for new doors I’ve had fitted at home. I couldn’t find what I needed locally, so I turned to the web where I found what I needed really quickly. Lawson HIS had a good usable site (which presumably had good SEO since they were high up in Google’s results), […]

Public spirit and BAD bus drivers

While waiting in a queue for the drivers to change over on my number 211 bus this morning at Waterloo, I witnessed both the ugly side, and a really good side of Londoners.  The disembarking driver from the early morning shift tore a strip of paper from the ticket machine, screwed it up and threw […]

Green Energy UK response

A few weeks ago I wrote an article giving my reasons for moving our electricity supplier from Green Energy UK to Good Energy.  Green Energy UK coincidentally got in touch with me the next day to ask if I would like to use them in our new office.  I declined, pointing them in the direction […]

Green vs Good

About a year ago when we moved into our first office, we signed up with Green Energy UK on a 100% green tariff and felt really great about ourselves. In the intervening period I spoke to an energy trader who told me that my conscience-saving move was no more than that : something to make […]

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