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When your hack day idea gets out of control

The following is a shortened article from Medium, written by Anna Peniašková. People at White October love doing hack days. It is a great way to push your limits and have fun making silly things. We held another hack day in January 2017.  Read more about what we have done during our previous hack days here. […]

What are we doing about diversity?

At the start of the year, my colleague Sarah Plant and I decided to host two film screenings. CODE Girl and CODE-Debugging the gender gap. We’re both advocates of women in tech and hoped the film screenings would bring together like-minded people who could share in a discussion around this topic. The second film touched […]

Flow: What is it, and how can we achieve it?

Front-end developer, Carl Wood, looks at the science behind flow in the workplace. Flow is a state of being; a zone of total immersion in an activity. If you’re in flow, you’re likely to experience enjoyment and pure focus. Think of the days when you only check the clock twice: at 9am and 5:30pm. The […]

Team building and the pursuit of happiness: Why change?

Part 1 – Why change? How do you structure a creative digital agency to generate the best work and brightest ideas? In the first of two posts we take a look at why we decided to fundamentally change the structure of White October to a teams-based agency. In Part 2 we look at how we […]

Digital … what does it really mean in Oxford?

Ahead of May’s Digital Oxford Week BBC Radio Oxford ran a Digital Oxford Special, and chatted with some of the people bringing the region’s digital community together. Listen in to hear how Digital Oxford’s Dave Fletcher explains to self-confessed technophobe Kat Orman what digital actually means in our lives.  And how the digital industry – […]

White October founder Dave Fletcher is Oxfordshire Young Business Person of the Year

We’re so proud to announce Dave Fletchers win as Oxfordshire Young Business Person of the Year 2014. Dave founded White October when he was just 24, after completing a Mathematics degree from Nottingham University, and a stint at RM Education as an analyst programmer. White October is now one of Oxfordshire’s most successful digital agencies, […]

New website launched for Oxford food charity, re-plenish

This week saw the launch of a new Oxfordshire food bank charity, re-plenish.  This amazing charity takes some of the 17 million tonnes of food thrown out by supermarkets in each year, and distributes it to local charities that can make good use of it.  It’s a brilliantly simple idea, executed in Oxford in one […]

Frustration free packaging

Another post picked up from 37 signals here. Amazon have launched (I’d guess in the US only?) some new ‘frustration free packaging’ for certain products – toys and electronics stuff. When I first read the 37 signals post, I instantly thought that they were discarding the big bulky plastic boxes and putting them in new […]

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