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Oxford Risk Rating Online receives Financial World Innovation Commendation

      Following is a shortened press release. December 2014 – A service which enables financial advisers to closely match investments with investors has been commended at the Financial  World Innovation Awards 2014. The Risk Profiling Service, developed by Oxford Risk in partnership with White October, received the commendation in the category Best Risk […]

A fair point – It’s the price you pay

Our technology capability continues to grow at an exponential rate. From Moore’s Law to Gilder’s law, well-known trends provide ample evidence that there will be no plateau in our use of technology. The social effects are just as astonishing: ten years ago the job of app developer, big data analyst or cloud services engineer didn’t […]

Why testing your idea is always a good idea

I’ve seen both small and big companies invest thousands of pounds, sometimes millions, on an idea with little or no customer validation. It’s refreshing when you come into contact with a Product Owner with an almost unshakeable belief in their product but we’ve recognised that when someone lives and breathes their idea, it can lead […]

How Agile development helps build better products

Part of our How to Make Your Idea Work Better, While Spending Less of Your Budget Series. Providing you with: Key indicators that your project could benefit from Agile Methods An understanding of Agile How Agile creates better quality products with reduced risks   The problem with good ideas You’ve got an idea. Maybe it’s […]

Paper Prototyping Example

This is an early paper prototype that Mariana created during the development of the engauge tool for the FoodRisC project. This low-fi method of exploring our ideas helps us make mistakes early and cheaply.

Hudson and Symfony continuous integration

We’ve been experimenting this week with using Hudson as our continuous integration server for our latest Symfony project.  Previous experiences with CruiseControl via phpUnderControl and the symfonyUnderControl plugin were OK-ish but we’d occasionally experience CruiseControl dying on us with no warning apart from the lack of emails after checking our code in. So we decided […]

Agility, Speed & Test Driven Development

I’ve just been through the updates from the groups I’m connected with on LinkedIn, and I read an interesting quote about Agility and speed. If you focus on Quality, through effective refactoring and test coverage, speed will be maintained in the long term. When the code base gets quite large, speed of change can be […]

Learn Scrum in under 10 minutes

Here at White October, we’re using Scrum to manage projects for some of our clients.  There’s a very good short introduction to Scrum on YouTube.  You can view it here: Learn Scrum in under 10 Minutes Scrum is an Agile method and allows us to develop features iteratively.  This means we’re best placed to be […]

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