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Using Fastlane to promote QA builds to beta

We’re trialling Fastlane at White October at the moment, and getting quite excited about it :-) Fastlane is a set of tools that take all the pain out of building, provisioning and shipping iOS apps. We’re using it as a streamlined and consistent way to produce iOS app builds that get shipped to QA (via […]

Disrespect your prototype

In a previous post, Dave our MD wrote about the idea of disrespecting your backlog – he suggested it needs constant refining based on your changing business priorities and feedback from your customers. Doing this on a regular basis helps you to keep your focus on what your customers actually want and what is/isn’t working. […]

Knowledge sharing!

Back in October 2011, I had a discussion with our MD about how we share knowledge as a company.  Occasionally we used to find that after spending some time writing what we thought was custom code to a project, that someone else in the company had done something very similar in a different project.  Because […]

The Windy City! php|tek ’12 conference

Back towards the end of May, I flew out to Chicago to attend the php|tek’12 conference, organised by Blue Parabola (home of php|architect magazine amongst others). This was the first overseas PHP conference I’d been to, and I was looking forward to meeting people from the other side of the pond as well as spending […]

Symfony2 data collectors

I spent some time last week working on automated MailChimp integration with one of our Symfony2 sites. The project uses Behat and Mink extensively for BDD testing, so I wanted to be able to test that when users registered on our site, they were automatically added to the client’s MailChimp distribution list. Unsubscription could happen […]

MailChimp user interface testing

At White October we’re pretty fond of using MailChimp and recommending it where suitable to clients – it’s a user-friendly product that does one thing and does it really well. It’s also dead easy to integrate and use – whether it’s the custom forms, or an integration direct into your own site (eg via a […]

Getting into Behat with Symfony2

I’ve spent the past week starting a new sprint on our latest large project, and as we’re keen to get our clients as involved as possible during sprints, we decided to get down with some Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) which allows them to contribute to writing the actual acceptance criteria for the user stories. We’re pretty […]

Stored functions with Symfony and Doctrine

A Symfony project I’m working on currently requires a couple of MySQL stored functions to be available. In the interests of making the code I write reusable in future, some of it has been moved into a plugin, but this code relies on a couple of stored functions being available.

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