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Tracking the Health of the Silver Economy: The Human Considerations of Healthcare Tech for the Elderly

When the Apple Watch Series 4 was launched in September you could almost hear the global healthtech industry take a deep inward breath. The giant has put a stake in the ground showing its commitment to healthcare wearable technology, and the rest of us had better rise to the challenge. Wearable healthcare tech going mainstream […]

Disrespect the backlog: half of everything you know is wrong

Chris Jones, our Client Services Director, once wrote a line in a proposal which I’ve been quoting ever since, exclaiming the stupidity of sticking to a technical specification that is six months old. That’s of course part of the problem agile solves – keep your backlog flexible; decide on priorities as you go; allow yourself […]

Building a new face for Digital Oxford – can you help?

Tonight the Digital Oxford Website Working Group met to figure out how to get going on a new brand and website for Digital Oxford. Digital Oxford is in the process of reforming as a Community Interest Company, with a mission to instil pride in the digital industry here.  As an industry and community run organisation […]

A vision for a future Digital Oxford

Word’s getting out. Oxford is an exciting place for the tech industry. In my recent address at the Future Digital Oxford event, I explained what else the city must do to become a UK digital hub… Oxford is already a digital city I addressed over 60 people at the Future Digital Oxford meeting last week. […]

Paper Prototyping Example

This is an early paper prototype that Mariana created during the development of the engauge tool for the FoodRisC project. This low-fi method of exploring our ideas helps us make mistakes early and cheaply.

Our weekend JailBrake

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but still very exciting : half of the White October office went over to Bethnal Green this weekend to take part in Social Innovation Camp‘s JailBrake weekend.  The event brought together social innovators and web development professionals, all donating their time to develop 6 ideas for online platforms […]

Possible co-working space in Oxford

UPDATE – Go and check out this page on our main site for more info about our growing co-working space:

We’ve moved!

The White October web design team has moved to a new and shiny Oxford office on Marston Street: View Unit 3, The Gallery in a larger map Our new address is: Unit 3, The Gallery 54 Marston Street Oxford OX4 1LF Our telephone numbers have stayed the same. The new office is a much bigger […]

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