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UX in the City: Takeaway Pack

Catching Rainbows with Porcupines UX in the City Takeaway Pack Thank you for taking the time to come and see our talk. Some topics are too big to cover in adequate detail in just one talk, so we created this ‘sensory pack’ to try and expand on an important subject and offer you more avenues […]

Filling the gap at White October

My name is Tomi and I worked at White October for a year between finishing my A Levels and starting my Computing degree. This blog post is a personal reflection of my gap year at White October. How it all started I first encountered White October when they accepted me for 1 week of work […]

Flow: What is it, and how can we achieve it?

Front-end developer, Carl Wood, looks at the science behind flow in the workplace. Flow is a state of being; a zone of total immersion in an activity. If you’re in flow, you’re likely to experience enjoyment and pure focus. Think of the days when you only check the clock twice: at 9am and 5:30pm. The […]

Web Project Management and Collaboration Using Github

A year ago, I had never heard of GitHub and now I’m using it on several of my biggest projects and to my surprise, enjoying doing so! It started just under a year ago when I asked my project team what their preference would be for tracking issues, and the developers were almost evangelical about […]

Building a happy home for Paragon Community Housing Group

We have spent the last nine months building a happy online home for Paragon Community Housing Group and, right from the day the foundations were laid, the build has been a rewarding and enjoyable team effort. Now the site is live, Paragon Community Housing Group is making full use of its capabilities to engage residents […]

Zero Wing turns 21, let’s celebrate

There is now officially less than one month to go until All Your Base – our UK database conference for web developers, now in its second year. Our exciting lineup of speakers includes Drizzle creator Brian Aker, Railsbridge co-founder Sarah Mei, and leading expert on scalable datastores, keynote speaker Neha Narula. We also have a […]

Dave Fletcher talks health and the myPace app on BBC Radio Oxford

White October founder, Dave Fletcher, chats to Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford again, about weight loss, health and setting body shape goals. Following health and fitness expert George Anderson talking to Kat about the physical and psychological aspects surrounding weight issues, Dave discusses White October’s myPace application which was built in collaboration with Brunel […]

Our approach to gender diversity

There’s been lots of debate over the past 2 years about diversity in tech conferences, and in particular gender diversity Here are the conclusions we’ve come to about this issue: Ours is a male-dominated industry – and weaker for it This gender bias is self-reinforcing: for example the lack of visibility of high profile women […]

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