Online overhaul helps Cochrane Health Reviews reach wider public

The following is a shortened press release.


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Making evidence-based medical reviews widely available to the public relies on easy, jargon-free online access.  Cochrane, a global independent network of medical professionals, patients and people interested in health, is meeting this challenge with an overhaul of its website and Cochrane Library of medical reviews.  The move will make its services reachable by a much wider audience.

Cochrane provides vast amounts of best available evidence generated through health care and policy research, producing high quality, relevant reviews.  Internationally recognised as a trusted, accessible source for systematic reviews, The Cochrane Library is valuable to anyone faced with making decisions on health, from funding bodies, medical practitioners and academics, to the general public.

This new, responsive platform will make this information far more accessible, enabling more people, especially those who aren’t medical experts, to make informed decisions on medicine and health.  It is part of the organisation’s complete rebranding and identity.

Cochrane commissioned digital agency White October to redesign the website and Cochrane Library.  Over the years, organic growth and a diverse audience had led to the user interface losing a lot of its original clarity.

Chris Jones, White October director, who led the project, explains how the agency went about resolving this:

“Through a series of workshops we ended up rebuilding the site architecture and mapping out the content required. We then carried out intensive user-testing to ensure the site and the content made sense to non-experts. Only then did we look to see what could be repurposed from the existing content.”

Read the full release – Press release Cochrane.
View the new website



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