Digital … what does it really mean in Oxford?

Ahead of May’s Digital Oxford Week BBC Radio Oxford ran a Digital Oxford Special, and chatted with some of the people bringing the region’s digital community together.

Listen in to hear how Digital Oxford’s Dave Fletcher explains to self-confessed technophobe Kat Orman what digital actually means in our lives.  And how the digital industry – people building and selling stuff that works online – is a growing part of Oxford’s economy which deserves to be promoted more.

Our health services are undergoing massive changes, driven by digital technologies.  Lots of work in research and product development is happening in Oxford and Richie Harrington explains how the networking group Digital Health Oxford is helping to connect people and organisations in the sector.

Digital impacts just about every part of a business, from data management to security, distribution to IP.  Tony Hart from the Oxford Technology, Media and Finance Network and an LEP Network Navigator, talks about how companies are handling this monumental change, often in order to survive.

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