Great work for charidee

Several of us are involved in charities / community projects of one kind or another. I’m a member of Camel Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

CSA is about building a mutual relationship between food growers and food consumers so that the risks and responsibilities of food production are shared. There’s loads more info on this on the soil association site.

I joined the group because I’m a bit of a right on eco worrier, because I quite enjoy planting stuff and because I like eating tasty locally grown produce. Perhaps inevitably, I also volunteered to help with the techy side of the website. That meant getting WordPress up and running so that they quickly had a web presence and then working on a customised template for them so that it looked good. White October have also kindly donated the small amount of hosting space required to host the site (thanks Dave).

A bit like the CSA concept, spending a bit of time doing some work for groups like this is mutually beneficial. The group gets a much better looking website than the standard (often shockingly bad) community group fare and I get to expand my skills and knowledge too – in this case I learnt all about how important it is that WordPress templates deal properly with images which are too big. Righton!

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