Combining multiple forms in Flask-WTForms but validating independently

Introduction We have a Flask project coming up which will include a user profile form.  This form can be considered as one big form or as multiple smaller forms and can also be submitted as a whole or section-by-section. As part of planning for this work, we did a proof-of-concept around combining multiple subforms together […]


Digital product consultancy WHITE OCTOBER has been nominated a second time for its digital vision for exam marking with RM Results and the pioneering RM Assessor3. Oxford & London, 21 November 2018: WHITE OCTOBER has been shortlisted for the Best Information Experience category at this year’s User Experience UK (UXUK) Awards. The achievement comes just […]

Tracking the Health of the Silver Economy: The Human Considerations of Healthcare Tech for the Elderly

When the Apple Watch Series 4 was launched in September you could almost hear the global healthtech industry take a deep inward breath. The giant has put a stake in the ground showing its commitment to healthcare wearable technology, and the rest of us had better rise to the challenge. Wearable healthcare tech going mainstream […]


Digital product consultancy WHITE OCTOBER has been recognised for its digital vision for exam marking with RM Results WHITE OCTOBER has won the Digital Expanded Service or Application category at this year’s London Design Awards. The Oxford and London-based business has achieved the recognition as a result of its work to help digitally transform the […]

Semantic Versioning when you change the required programming language version

The question Here at White October, we maintain a number of Open Source projects.  We’ve recently been discussing changing the minimum PHP version supported by some of them.  The question naturally arose as to how we change the version number when we do that. We follow Semantic Versioning, which says: Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, […]

How to pull a remote MySQL database and remove personally identifiable data

In this post I am going to detail how to sync a remote database to a local developer’s machine without storing any sensitive or personally identifiable data at rest. Over the last few years there has been an ongoing change in our attitude towards privacy and how we handle user data. More recently the EU […]

Magnetic plastic ponies, Python and Raspberry Pi: Daniel Fernandes’s work experience story

My name is Daniel Fernandes and my time at White October was a very eye-opening experience. While trying to keep sane between magnetic plastic ponies moving of their own accord and a barrage of a co-worker’s increasingly questionable lunches, my first few days of work were devoted to standardising some python code made by Ed […]

My week at White October – by Sanjit Raman

So, as part of the school curriculum, students are to complete a week of work experience. This can be at a workplace of choice and the work that is completed is given by the workplace. My school offers this week in Year 10, and this is a short article of what it is REALLY like. […]

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