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Work Experience made easy

The summer is a popular time for work experience requests.  We love having new people in the office that are eager to learn, although often taking on students can end up quite time consuming and a strain on resources. This summer we’ve had three work experience placements interested in design & front-end, so to save [...]

Digital … what does it really mean in Oxford?

Ahead of May’s Digital Oxford Week BBC Radio Oxford ran a Digital Oxford Special, and chatted with some of the people bringing the region’s digital community together. Listen in to hear how Digital Oxford’s Dave Fletcher explains to self-confessed technophobe Kat Orman what digital actually means in our lives.  And how the digital industry – [...]

White October founder Dave Fletcher is Oxfordshire Young Business Person of the Year

We’re so proud to announce Dave Fletchers win as Oxfordshire Young Business Person of the Year 2014. Dave founded White October when he was just 24, after completing a Mathematics degree from Nottingham University, and a stint at RM Education as an analyst programmer. White October is now one of Oxfordshire’s most successful digital agencies, [...]

Obesity combat app myPace wins Mobile & App Design Award

Following is the complete press release. June 2014 – myPace, an app which helps health professionals and their patients to tackle obesity, has won a coveted Mobile & App Design Award.  The Award was given in the Medical category and was announced on June 18 at an event at Boxpark in Shoreditch, London. Dave Fletcher, [...]

Digital Oxford as a major regional hub: dream or reality?

Do you think Oxford can be a major regional hub for people working in the digital marketplace? Think about the talent pool, the manageable network of bright and enthusiastic individuals coupled with wise and worldly academics and businessmen all within close proximity to London and other major cities. So many fields are covered with every [...]

White October helps Foyles enhance in-store shopping experience with new app

Foyles, on London’s Charing Cross Road, has always been a booklovers dream. You could spend months browsing through the 200,000 plus titles on the store’s shelves. But what if you’re looking for something specific? Needle in a haystack, right… and not all of us have the time to look. Foyles realise that. And that’s why, [...]

The Oxford Launchpad offers pre-incubators expert help and advice

Oxford has so much to offer the digital community. Check down our blog and you’ll see that we talked to The Oxford Launchpad a few weeks ago and uploaded a podcast interview of James Murray, curator at The Oxford Launchpad, explaining how they help local businesses and entrepreneurs. At the time we also chatted to [...]

Putting Doctrine entities in a non-standard directory

In a recent Symfony 2.3 project, I was trying out a new approach to code structure. In this brave new world, my models weren’t in the usual src/ProjectName/MyBundle/Entity directory. Rather, they were in src/MyProject/Models and src/MyProject/Admin/Models. In this blog post, I’m not going to discuss the merits of this particular structure.  Instead, I wanted to outline [...]