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Putting Doctrine entities in a non-standard directory

In a recent Symfony 2.3 project, I was trying out a new approach to code structure. In this brave new world, my models weren’t in the usual src/ProjectName/MyBundle/Entity directory. Rather, they were in src/MyProject/Models and src/MyProject/Admin/Models. In this blog post, I’m not going to discuss the merits of this particular structure.  Instead, I wanted to outline [...]

Hamilton Trust gives wider appeal to teachers with new online resource

Following is the complete press release. National education charity Hamilton Trust has completed the first phase of the overhaul of its online strategy, with the launch of a new flagship website hamilton-trust.org.uk. Hamilton Trust is one of the UK’s leading resources for primary school teachers and its website, which is accessed by tens of thousands [...]

White October develops ACE Consensus forecast platform

Following is the complete press release. Fintech company ACE Consensus (ACE) has commissioned digital firm White October to develop and enhance its analyst forecast consensus platform.  The platform brings new levels of information granularity and accuracy to consensus estimates of financial analysts’ forecasts. This enables companies, analysts, investors and others to obtain high quality insight [...]

Podcast: How does the The Oxford Launchpad help entrepreneurs?

Housed within the Said Business School at the University of Oxford, the Oxford Launchpad sits side-by-side with the Skoll Centre of Social Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship Centre. The Oxford Launchpad is a new space for entrepreneurial activity in Oxford.  Launched in February this year it offers a space where members – students, faculty and the [...]

A vision for a future Digital Oxford

Word’s getting out. Oxford is an exciting place for the tech industry. In my recent address at the Future Digital Oxford event, I explained what else the city must do to become a UK digital hub… Oxford is already a digital city I addressed over 60 people at the Future Digital Oxford meeting last week. [...]

A whole week of Digital Oxford? Don’t mind if we do

Digital Oxford Week, 12-16 May When we co-founded Digital Oxford a few years ago we were driven by the belief that Oxford has all the ingredients for one of the UK’s key digital hubs along the lines of Bristol, Manchester and Brighton.  It’s a world class centre for higher education and research; is commutable to [...]

How Agile development helps build better products

Part of our How to Make Your Idea Work Better, While Spending Less of Your Budget Series. Providing you with: Key indicators that your project could benefit from Agile Methods An understanding of Agile How Agile creates better quality products with reduced risks   The problem with good ideas You’ve got an idea. Maybe it’s [...]

BBC Oxford learns about the CABI Plantwise app for farmers

Want to know how mobile devices can help farmers in remote locations? Listen to this fascinating chat on BBC Oxford between presenter Kat Orman, our own Chris Jones and Holly Wright from global agriculture organisation CABI. They talk about the Plantwise app we have built for CABI which is helping to improve world food security [...]