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BBC Oxford learns about the CABI Plantwise app for farmers

Want to know how mobile devices can help farmers in remote locations? Listen to this fascinating chat on BBC Oxford between presenter Kat Orman, our own Chris Jones and Holly Wright from global agriculture organisation CABI. They talk about the Plantwise app we have built for CABI which is helping to improve world food security […]

Oxford attracts UK’s largest front­-end web conference

The following is a shortened press release. March 2014 – This May many of the web’s finest developers will gather in Oxford for the third jQuery UK, to discuss and share ideas around the world’s most popular JavaScript framework. Now in its third year, jQuery UK is the UK’s largest front­-end developer conference.  It is the […]

Getting the most out of a tech conference

We’ve organised a few events in our time, including jQuery UK and All Your Base, and we try to get to as many conferences and meetups as we can, so we thought we’d share some of our tips for getting the most out of attending a tech event. Check Lanyrd before you go If you’re […]

Plantwise app gives remote farmers help for crop troubles

The following is a complete press release. March 2014 – Plantwise, in partnership with Oxford-based White October, has launched an app that helps to improve world food security and the livelihoods of farmers in developing countries and remote locations. The Plantwise ‘Factsheets library’ is an Android app designed to be very effective on low cost […]

Love your park? Think you can run one? Take up the Lambeth Parks Challenge

The following is a shortened press release.   February 2014:  The Lambeth Parks Challenge, a richly illustrated interactive tool which enables people to build and run their own virtual park, was designed and built by White October. The Lambeth Parks Challenge invites users into a virtual park environment and gives them the chance to literally […]

How lean saves you money

Part of our How to Make Your Idea Work Better, While Spending Less of Your Budget Series. Providing you with: Key indicators that your project could benefit from Lean An understanding of Lean Methods How Lean stops you spending money on things that won’t work and helps you get a working product sooner You have […]

Web Project Management and Collaboration Using Github

A year ago, I had never heard of GitHub and now I’m using it on several of my biggest projects and to my surprise, enjoying doing so! It started just under a year ago when I asked my project team what their preference would be for tracking issues, and the developers were almost evangelical about […]

Creative challenge is a walk in the Park

The success of Lambeth Library Challenge led Lambeth Council to ask us if the interactive online tool, which enables people to ‘build their own library’, could be used for other Council services.  Lambeth Parks were looking for ways of getting residents more involved in how the Council plans future parks and open spaces, while gathering […]