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Barcamp Not For Profit Oxford

On Saturday 20th Nov I spent the best part of the day at Barcamp Non-Profits (NFP) at the Oxford University Club. This was my first Barcamp, so I was interested to see how the event and it’s organisation was to unfold. For the uninitiated a Barcamp, often called an unconference, is as the name would [...]

Oxford Open Data Hackathon – Saturday 4th December 2010

Oxford Open Data Hackathon @whiteoctober Saturday 4th December 2010 – 10am to 5pm The Open Data Hackathon is a worldwide event with the aim of writing applications using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments.  The availability of publicly funded [...]


Well, not quite, but it was good to check that our site worked without problems on Apple‘s latest offering :-) I took a mini-break to New York last week, and had the chance to pop into the Apple store on 5th Avenue (I love how awesome that sounds). Obviously then I had to try out [...]

Our weekend JailBrake

Not quite as dramatic as it sounds, but still very exciting : half of the White October office went over to Bethnal Green this weekend to take part in Social Innovation Camp‘s JailBrake weekend.  The event brought together social innovators and web development professionals, all donating their time to develop 6 ideas for online platforms [...]

Movember day 30 – the last day

It seems impossible to believe, but we’ve made it to the last day: The bros and their mos have been through a lot over the past month and I think it’s fair to say we’re all proud of what we’ve achieved. On the 1st of Movember, we were innocent smoothies, now we’re a seriously mean [...]

Movember day 25

We’re within a whisker of the finish now. Here come the bros: I can’t speak for the other chaps, but mine feels like its stabilised a bit now. But stabilised in a state where it itches like mad and looks absolutely terrible. Surely only the addition of bad aviators from Boots could make me look [...]

Movember day 20

So we’re past half way, the end is in sight and the mo bros are looking pretty bad-ass. There’s been some discussion over the gap in the middle of some of our mos. Most notably mine. Apparently it’s a known style but I think it’s just rubbish. Maybe I should refer to what is surely [...]

The Movember playlist

Yes, we’re behind with the Movember updates. The halfway stage has come and gone so I think you’ll have to wait until tomorrow (day 20) for the latest mo-bro pics. But to keep you in the mo mood, why not start Spotify up and join in with the Movember playlist madness? The idea is simple [...]

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