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The White October Mo-bros line up for the start of Movember

Shuffling nervously in front of cameras held at arm’s length, the clean-shaven White October Movember (now there’s  a mouthful) team members prepare to slowly lose all dignity over the space of the next month. Yes, we’re growing ‘Mos’ for charity. We’ll keep you updated here with all the top lip hair growth news and pics […]

Bloated contact form – some of the fields = more conversions

We often explain to our clients that keeping the barriers on a website low is important to keep users on board and increase conversions. One way is to keep contact forms short and snappy with a small number of fields. Usually that’s how things start off but often after a while we see more fields […]

A good choice

My VOIP client offered me a delightful choice this morning: Er, thanks. OK then, I will.

Startup incubator

I’ve just spotted this. Red Gate software in Cambridge (UK) have launched an incubator project (called Springboard), giving workspace, accommodation and support to tech startups (with no financial buy in). It’s an interesting, altruistic idea. (via )

Some UX things to read

Tom asked me for a list of things to look at to learn more about ‘UX’ a little while ago. I promised him a blog post and then promply got sidetracked by work and having a baby. I’m back on the case now and I figured I might as well share this with the blog […]

XHTML is dead. Long live XHTML.

Here’s a nice comic strip from Jeremy Keith and Brad Colbow explaining why the canning of XHTML 2 doesn’t mean the end of XHTML syntax. http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/07/29/misunderstanding-markup-xhtml-2-comic-strip/ I like nice consistent readable HTML and I think XHTML syntax makes for a good start on that front.

On development flex (not the Adobe thing)

My wife is due to have a baby. In fact, she’s now majorly overdue to have a baby. As an organisation, we’ve had 9 month heads up on this. For a small(ish) dev team like ours, even with all that advance notice, it’s somewhat  difficult to plan around a developer disappearing for 2 weeks at […]

Designing inside the browser

I picked this up on garrettc’s delicious (always a good source of interesting and useful stuff to read, thanks Garrett) and found it very interesting. It’s Andy Clarke‘s presentation from @media 2009, Walls ComeTumbling Down. He suggests that one way to combat the ‘hard times’ we’re in is to reduce the web design cycle by […]