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24 hours to start a new business?

At 12:00 on Thursday 26 November 09, an auction was posted on eBay listing a business for sale that hadn’t even been conceived yet.  At the same time, the White October team along with our friends from Nonsense and Hutchhouse sat down together in a Soho basement and were told that they had 24 hours […]

New website launched for Oxford food charity, re-plenish

This week saw the launch of a new Oxfordshire food bank charity, re-plenish.  This amazing charity takes some of the 17 million tonnes of food thrown out by supermarkets in each year, and distributes it to local charities that can make good use of it.  It’s a brilliantly simple idea, executed in Oxford in one […]

Rough Justice : The penalty for leaving your desk fan on overnight…

Poor old Matt has been struggling to remember to turn off his desk fan at the end of each day, so Mary decided to take it (the fan) into her own hands, and mete out her own particularly sneaky form of justice. buy generic xenical She may try to tell you that this was an […]

Sour Australian grapes

London advertising agencies have been made the butt of the joke in a new viral created by an Australian digital marketing strategist. The Melbourne-based strategist, known on YouTube as “Simontsmall” posted the clip in reaction to losing the account for the New Zealand vodka brand 42Below, to an unspecified London agency. With all the gloom […]

Google Latitude : getting it almost right

Google Latitude is a new service from Google that allows you to broadcast your location to friends and family from your mobile phone or laptop device. I’ve set it up on my phone to see how well it works and it’s been surprisingly accurate considering I don’t have GPS in my phone (it uses mobile […]

Hand me the spray paint…


Befriend a Geek tops 300,000 views

Our ironic Christmas video, “Befriend a Geek” that parodied a charity ad campaign appealing to people around the World to “make a friend this Christmas” was featured on the Worldwide home page of YouTube on Christmas Eve. At that point we had already clocked up over 20,000 views of the video and were incredibly pleased […]

The White October Christmas Appeal

This year White October are supporting an issue that is very dear to our hearts.  We hope that with the support of our friends and colleagues this Christmas we can make a difference to a few lonely souls… www.befriendageek.com